Meet Austin

Austin is a spunky young boy looking for a playmate.

"I think my curiosity stems from my past; I've got some urine staining like I've spent a lot of time in a kennel. That life's over for me!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Austin came to the shelter 1 month ago
  • His activity level is very active.


  • Mixed Breed
  • Catahoula

Get to Know Austin

Austin was picked up as a stray after running around town and being contained in a backyard by a local resident. He's a sweet young boy who really seems to enjoy making new friends. He's a curious guy who enjoys going for walks but is a little awkward on a leash. After a little more experience on a leash, he would make a great adventure buddy; hiking - he's got the energy, camping - nature is always a plus, road trip - so many sights to see, so little time! Five minutes with Austin and you can feel it, he will make someone a best friend, no doubt. He has a wonderful, light hearted personality, just enjoying everything life has to bring his way. He hasn't had a lot of training in his past, but we're working on that now, using his interest in squeaker toys to our advantage. Austin seems like he would do quite well in a household with other dogs and children.

Ready to take the next steps with Austin?

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