Meet Benny

Benny is a sweet little dude.

"I'm a friendly guy who loves socialization!"







Medium (7-12 pounds)

  • Benny came to the shelter 1 month ago
  • His activity level is normal.


  • American Shorthair

Get to Know Benny

Benny is a super sweet little guy who came to the shelter as a stray and went unclaimed on his hold. He wasn't sure about humans right off the bat, but once he learned he was in a safe place with food and friends, he warmed right up and is now the most social guy around. He seems to be pretty interested in making feline friends, though he hasn't had a chance in the cat colony yet. Right now, his main focus is getting as many ear scratches and crunchy treats as possible, but he does seem like he would be a fan of toys given the proper environment.

Ready to take the next steps with Benny?

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