Meet Bowie

Bowie loves to play outside in the grass.

"I can catch treats!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • His activity level is very active.


  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Bowie

Bowie was picked up by wardens as a stray and went unclaimed on his hold. He is a super energetic boy who loves to spend time outside zooming around the yard and chasing toys. He has clearly been in a home before, being well mannered, trained in basic verbal cues, and having a few tricks up his sleeve. He can be a little rough taking treats from your hand but toss it and he'll show you how well he can catch! He can pull a little on the leash, but only when he's rushing to go outside to potty, after that he walks with ease and enjoys his time spent making new friends. A big fan of ear scratches and booty pats, you can tempt him to stand still for lovins with treats, but then he's back to scooting and playing.

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