Meet Chet

Chet deserves to be spoiled.

"I've had a ruff life, I just want someone to care for me!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Chet came to the shelter 1 month ago
  • He has very good leash manners!
  • His activity level is active.


  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Chet

Chet was called in as an emaciated dog in a backyard. When wardens arrived, the owner of the home admitted they could not care for the dog and signed him over to the shelter. We don't know what his past holds, with wounds all over his body and ribs clearly visible, but we do know his future will be better. Chet has a very loving personality and thrives on human interaction. He loved his playtime outside but was more than ready to head back in and relax on his cozy bed. This hungry boy loves his treats but could use some work on his manners - it's best to palm and treats you want to give him as he can get a little eager. He's said to be around 5 years old and weighs in at a skimpy 49 pounds. Chet will do wonderfully in a home filled with love and care.

Ready to take the next steps with Chet?

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