Meet Hannah Banana

Hannah Banana is all love.

"Once you earn my trust, you see a whole new side of me!"



I'm Still Growing




Medium (20-40 pounds)

  • Hannah Banana came to the shelter 29 days ago
  • She has very good leash manners!
  • Her activity level is very active.


  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Hannah Banana

Hannah Banana is a beautiful 10-month-old pup who came to the shelter as a stray. She can be a little timid around strangers at first, but once she learns she can trust you, she opens up to show her darling personality and heart of gold. She loves going for walks and is learning very quickly how to behave on a leash. Outside time is time to either roll around in the grass getting the wiggles out, or to run the fence line playing with the other pooches. She seems very interested in making friends with other dogs, large or small, and will likely do well in a household with some playmates.

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