Meet Jewel

Jewel is ready to be in a steady, comfortable household filled with love.

"I would love a home that would treat me like a little princess!"







Small (0-7 pounds)

  • Jewel came to the shelter 1 month ago
  • Her activity level is normal.


  • American Shorthair

Get to Know Jewel

Jewel was dropped off at the shelter the morning after having a litter of kittens. Thankfully there was a foster who was able to take them in and care for them until everyone was ready for the adoption floor. Sadly, but as is the case more often than we'd like to think about, babies were not thriving with mama around, so she was brought back to the shelter to get some attention of her own. She's now been processed for the adoption floor and loves all the attention she gets. She's a sweet little girl who likes to be pampered and spoiled. She seems like she would prefer a home where she is the only cat but could still live with others if that's what the world has in mind for her.

Ready to take the next steps with Jewel?

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