Meet Jim Bob

Jim Bob is a happy boy always ready to make new friends.

"I've seen a lot of other dogs here but I haven't play with any yet; I'm ready to make some furry friends!"



I'm Still Growing




Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Jim Bob came to the shelter 1 month ago
  • He has very good leash manners!
  • His activity level is active.


  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Jim Bob

Jim Bob was picked up as a stray running around a park in South Shores, but sadly went unclaimed during his hold so he was moved up for adoption. Jim Bob has been all smiles and butt wiggles since he first walked into the lobby. This cutie cannot get enough attention, thriving on human interaction, loving pets and always wanting to share his toys with his friends. He doesn't seems to have had much of any training in his past, but his young age and eagerness to please make it seems like it would be a breeze. Just meeting this guy, he is sure to brighten your day; why not make him a shining star in your life, ready to make each and every day better? Jim Bob loves to play and spend time outdoors, making him the perfect buddy for this upcoming summer!

Ready to take the next steps with Jim Bob?

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