Meet Millie

Millie would do great with a young family to adventure with.

"I love to be on the go, I'd do great with some friends to play with every day!"







Medium (20-40 pounds)

  • Her activity level is very active.


  • Mixed Breed
  • Bull Terrier

Get to Know Millie

Millie came to the shelter after wardens got a call about dogs in unsuitable living conditions. Mille and her housemate went through their hold unclaimed and were processed for the adoption floor. Millie was quickly adopted for her size but proved you should always meet an animal before bringing it home, as she had a bit more energy than they were expecting or able to handle. Millie is quite the short stack, making shelter staff question what exactly it is she's mixed with, weighing in at 42 pounds! Millie loves nothing more than running around outside playing. She has a lovely personality and just wants some positive interaction in her life.

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