Meet NuNu

NuNu is a goofy senior full of personality.

"I came in with Veruca - consider adopting us together!"







Medium (7-12 pounds)

  • NuNu came to the shelter in 6 days
  • Her activity level is active.


  • American Shorthair

Get to Know NuNu

NuNu was surrendered to the shelter after her owner was moving and unable to keep her pets. Coming from a home with other cats, she was housed in the cat colony where she seems to be doing quite well with the other residents. About 30 minutes of hiding led to jumping, running and climbing, interacting with the other cats, finding her place in the society. She seems to enjoy laying in the hammocks, even though most of the time half of body seems to be spilling over. She loves interacting with humans and would do great in a household with someone who wants a companion they can spend time with all day. Someone who won't mind the constant snuggles in the lap or purrs while curled around your neck.

Ready to take the next steps with NuNu?

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