Meet Sazon

Sazon is all sunshine and rainbows - happy, happy, happy boy.

"Do my wiggles tell you I love you, or do I need to give you more kisses?"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • He has very good leash manners!
  • His activity level is active.


  • American Staffordshire Terrier

Get to Know Sazon

Sazon was picked up from his home and brought to the shelter after his owner passed away. No family came forward to pick him up so after his stray hold was up, he was made available for adoption. He's a sweet, playful, squishy-faced love machine! Sazon makes friends with everyone he meets, giving his best smile and butt wiggle. He seems to be very well behaved and is responsive to basic commands. He walks very well on a leash and enjoys going for walks in the sunshine. He loves to play with toys but is seems like he would choose snuggles over playtime, channeling his inner couch potato on gloomy days. He hasn't met any yet while at MCAC, but he seems like he would do very well in a household with other dogs or kids.

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