Meet Tex Walker

Tex Walker loves the great outdoors.

"I love spending time in the great outdoors!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Tex Walker came to the shelter 4 months ago
  • He has very good leash manners!
  • His activity level is active.


  • Mixed Breed
  • Tree Walker Hound

Get to Know Tex Walker

Tex Walker was brought to the shelter as a stray and has gone unclaimed. He's been moved up to the adoption floor and is patiently waiting for a new family, singing at all the new visitors that come to his room. He walks fairly well on a leash but doesn't seem to know any basic commands. He enjoys putting his nose to work when he's outside, sniffing everything he can, not wanting to go back inside. He's a sweetie pie who likes to be pet and loved on, but seems to be a pretty independent guy most of the time.

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