Meet Tiger

Tiger is looking for a fresh start this year.

"I'm torn...cuddles....or playtime!??!"



I'm Still Growing




Small (0-7 pounds)

  • Tiger came to the shelter 2 months ago
  • His activity level is very active.


  • American Shorthair

Get to Know Tiger

Tiger was surrendered to the shelter after a local resident got overwhelmed with the number of felines in the home. With roughly 25 cats surrendered, Tiger is one of the last left up for adoption, though this was not his original name; owners were unsure who he was, sadly. Tiger is a very social boy who loves all the visitors he gets in the cat colony. He does very well with other cats of all ages and is a playful little thing, enjoying every toy he is presented with. He loves to be held and will curl up in your lap until you make him move.

Ready to take the next steps with Tiger?

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