Meet Umber

Umber needs someone to teach her what real family is.

"I love spending my free time outside!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Umber came to the shelter 4 months ago
  • She has very good leash manners!
  • Her activity level is very active.


  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Umber

Umber was found tied to a fence with no food, water or shelter at an abandoned home. With no microchip and going unclaimed during her hold she has now been processed for the adoption floor. She's an energetic little girl who takes advantage of every bit of space outside, zooming around for what seems like forever. She loves spending time with people, snuggling up close while she catches her breath after playtime. She would do great in an active household that will help run out some of her energy that builds up.

Ready to take the next steps with Umber?

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