Become a Foster

Have room in your home and heart for a homeless animal? Become a Foster Family!

What are the Requirements?

Foster homes must be approved by the Shelter Manager or the Adoption Coordinator and must be located in Decatur or Macon County.

The Following Criteria Apply to the Foster Home

1. Each person wishing to foster an animal must fill out the Foster Care Application.
2. Foster homes must provide a safe secure place to house their foster pets.
3. Foster families with pets residing in their home will make sure said pets are current on vaccinations prior to taking a foster home.
4. Foster families will not hold the shelter liable if their pet were to become sick/injured from a foster pet.
5. Foster homes will agree to home checks if deemed necessary by the Shelter Manager or Adoption Coordinator.
6. Foster families will agree to return the pet to the shelter when it is eight weeks older or recovered from injury/illness.

Apply to be a foster family!

Foster Application

You are about to do a great thing!

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