Home For The Holidays

Foster to Adopt program taking place in July and November

The shelter offers a foster to adopt program twice a year. The first begins in late June (Christmas in July) and the second begins in late November (Home for the Holidays).

  • To participate a Foster Application will need to be completed. This can be done at the shelter or online at DMCASF.org.
  • The application will be reviewed by an Adoption Coordinator. This can take up to 24 hours.
  • You will receive a call regarding the status of your Foster Application. An Adoption Coordinator will let you know if your application is approved/pending/denied. If your application is pending the Adoption Coordinator will let you know the next actions needed to move your application to an approved status.
  • There is no fee to start fostering a pet.
  • As a foster you will take a pet home for a designated time; usually several weeks.
  • If the pet is a good fit, you will come in to finalize the adoption. If not, you can simply return the pet as there is no obligation to adopt. An Adoption Coordinator will walk you through the finalization process. You will receive a copy of the adoption contract, medical history, proof of rabies vaccination, and a small bag of food. The Adoption Coordinator will ask you for an adoption picture to share on social media.

Enjoy a few photos from Home for the Holidays photo shoots!

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