Letters to Santa

Letter to Santa – December 2012

Dear Santa,

It has been such a wonderful year for us! One year ago, Gracie came here to be a part of our family. Even though she’s a cat, I really like her. She came from the very same Shelter where I used to live. Two years ago, an incredible family came to the Shelter and brought me home to live with them. Santa, that was the best day of this happy dog’s life! Now, Gracie and I live in a home of our own. We have a family who loves us, plenty of food, soft warm beds, and many toys. Life is really wonderful for us, which is why we are writing our letter to you, Santa, not for us, but instead, for our old friends at the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center, or as we used to call it, the Shelter.

Even though our old friends have a heated shelter, food, water, and friends on the staff to care for them, they still are in need of many things we now are lucky enough to take for granted. We hear from a very wise source that you can fill their stockings with monetary gifts to help them. Santa, did you know that a gift of $50 to the D&MCAS Foundation will buy feline leukemia tests for 15 kitties, and $100 will buy heart-worm tests for 30 dogs which enter the Shelter. $250 keeps 75 of my friends at the Shelter cough and sniffle free for one month, and $500 will keep 125 of my friends flea free for one month.

We also hear that some of the following items, which our shelter friends always need, are: Leashes of all types, collars of any size, kitty litter, canned puppy and kitten food, brushes of all kinds – wire slicker types are especially good. All of those would be great stocking stuffers. Our new family gets these items for us now, but our friends at the Shelter don’t have any owners to bring them things, even on Christmas. We are so glad that you can help them, Santa.

Oh, and Santa, we want to share some very good news with you about the Shelter. This year, over 900 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens were adopted. That is an all time record high the Shelter. Plus, this year, over 300 pets, which somehow had gotten lost, were reunited with their families. However, there are still so many of our old friends at the Shelter still looking for a home of their very own to make their holiday and New Year’s dreams come true. What a gift that would be to be able to have a new home and family!

Merry Christmas and enjoy the biscuits, rawhide chews, and catnip toys, which we left for you. They are our favorites. Thank you, Santa!

Max & Gracie