Amelia, Reggae, and Wrangler- ALL ADOPTED!

November 02, 2018

Radar's Friends November 2, 2018

Black cats are often the last to get picked for adoption. We are hoping sweet little Amelia wont have to grow up at the shelter. She came to the shelter as a stray and was raised in an awesome foster home. She is so sweet and loving. She will make the PURR-FECT kitten companion to your home.

Reggae is a young pitbull mix who came to the as a stray. Reggae seems to do well with other dogs and LOVES treats (he could stand to gain a few pounds). Reggae loves people and just can not get close enough. He is going to make someone a great companion.

Wrangler came to the shelter as a stray. How did no one come looking for this handsome dog?! Wrangler is a young Australian Shepherd mix. He is very food motivated and will be easy to train. Stop by the shelter and meet Wrangler soon!


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