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April 16, 2021

Theo, Magnolia (Adopted) & Percy (Adopted)

Theo is a lovable 18 month old new to the adoption floor. He came in as a stray and was surprisingly never claimed so he is ready to find an amazing new home. He is a total love bug who adores every person he meets. He likes to introduce himself by giving a great big hug and kiss to anyone accepting. He seems to have a bit of experience with commands and is very treat motivated. He knows just how handsome he is and was strutting his stuff with his new bowtie, posing for lots of pictures. While he likes playing with any toy you can give him, he would much prefer to get booty scratches and ear rubs. He is just shy of 50 pounds, but fairly calm for his size. He seems like he would make a great family dog, with a soulful personality and gentle demeanor.

*ADOPTED* Magnolia is a sweet young girl a few months shy of 2 years old. She was recently surrendered and is ready to find a new home, preferably away from recurring loud noises. She is a very gentle gal who walks quite well on a leash. She is working on her commands, but can get a little distracted by new smells in the air. She loves to spend her free time outside, in the sunshine, with her nose to the ground. She likes getting ear rubs when she is relaxing, but at play time she loves to hunt for treats, putting her sniffer to work. She seems like she would make a great family dog, in the country with lots of room to run around and new smells every day.

*ADOPTED* Percy is a laid back, longhaired house panther new to the adoption floor. He was found as a stray and unfortunately no owner ever came forward. He loves to play with any toy he can get his cute little toe beans on, but he really seems to love ones he can either chew on or swat at laying down. He enjoys being held and pet whenever anyone near has a free hand. He is pretty curious to his surroundings, always wanting to check on his neighbors. He would make an excellent companion.

April 16, 2021

Theo, Magnolia (Adopted), & Percy (Adopted)

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