Searching for Foster Families

May 08, 2021

Macon County Animal Control is looking for new foster families for kitten season!


Kitten season is in full swing and Macon County Animal Control is in need of some foster families!

Whether you have experience being a foster or you are just an animal lover, MCAC is looking for your help.

Who needs a foster?

Animals needing foster homes can range from day old kittens with mama, to sickly, month old kittens without mama, anywhere in between.

Don't worry, the shelter will not ask you to foster any case you are uncomfortable with. When a litter (or singleton) comes in and a foster is needed, they will give you a call, talk over their status, and make a joint decision with you to see if you are a good fit for that specific case.

Perks of Foster?

Kittens brought up in foster are much more socialized than if they were to spend their first 8 weeks in a kennel. Being well socialized helps them get adopted more quickly and adjust to their new home much faster.

As much as we wish it was possible, shelter staff are not in facility 24/7. There are some medical cases where they need to be checked on more frequently than just the hours staff are in the building. Being in a home allows for this.

If you are interested in being a foster family you can apply below. Shelter staff will process your application and be in touch within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about your application, please call (217) 425-4508.

Apply to Foster Here


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