Pet Highlight

October 10, 2022

Gordy and Nero are shelter favorites, but would really love a home

Gordy and Nero

Gordy and Nero came to the shelter on June 25 as very frightened strays. They were so unsure of themselves, that they initially did not seem to care for other feline friends. Since spending time at the shelter as cat colony residents, they have done well with other kittens and older cats. Both seem to especially love the laid-back older cats so they can cuddle and nap with them.

Nero (white chest) is more hesitant to approach new people, but quickly makes friends. Gordy participates on the welcome committee, waiting at the door and introducing himself when new people come into the colony.

Both love treats and toys but would most love a permanent home.

**Gordy was adopted October 13!!

Check out the Pet Listings for Gordy and Nero!


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