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May 13, 2022

Hiro Hamada, Cha Cha (Adopted), Happy & Charlie

Hiro Hamada is an almost 2 year old American Bulldog mix, 75 pounds, who was a pretty familiar face at the shelter before making the adoption floor. On his third intake his owner chose not to reclaim him so he was neutered and placed on the adoption floor to find a loving new family. Hiro is an extremely energetic pup. He loves to be on the go and will do great in a household with plenty of activity time and structure. He could use some training as it doesn't seem as though he had received any before coming to MCAC. He's a lover who enjoys his time spent with staff and volunteers. He seems to do well with other dogs and pending a successful meet and greet, would do great in a household with other dogs. After some treat motivated training Hiro-Hamada will make an amazing best friend and companion.

**ADOPTED** Cha Cha is an adorable almost 2 year old short stack, said to be a French Bulldog mix. She was picked up as a stray for the second time and after being reminded of the legal requirement to have her spayed, her owner said he no longer wanted her. She had a brief adoption, spending about 2 weeks in a new home before being brought back. Safe to assume after her surrender reason, Cha Cha has not been worked with for any sort of training or behavior. She is very treat motivated so getting her to learn commands isn't too tough, but she needs some potty training work, as well as crated when she is left alone so she doesn't get ahold of items she shouldn't. We've also found she needs to go to a home without cats. Being a dog meant for breeding it is understandable she will need some extra work, we just need to find an adopter that understand this and is willing to go that extra mile, understanding shelter dogs aren't always perfect. Cha Cha weighs about 40 pounds and would love to be a couch potato, sneaking onto your lap when possible.

Happy and Charlie were recently surrendered together after their owner had to move and could not bring them to the new residence. They are both 2 years old and have spent their entire life together it seems, whether they are siblings or housemates we are unsure. Happy is a female, white and black longhaired beauty who loves to be held and snuggled. She will roll and rub around on your chest, trying to get closer and closer. If it were up to her, cuddle time would never end. Charlie is a black male, domestic short hair. He's a talkative fella who cant get enough attention. He doesn't love to be held as much as Happy, but he sure wants the spotlight on him at all times. These two came in with tipped ears, previously being put through a TNR program, but we can't imagine either of them wanting to live outside, or being remotely feral.

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