Pet Care: Winter Basics

December 22, 2023

We the board, condemn the recent acts of cruelty with intent to harm or maim pets or animals of any kind. Dogs, cats and all animals have the ability to and do feel pain, hunger and fear.

The Decatur & Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation is committed to be the “Voice of the Voiceless” (the animals), as well as representing our many supporters, who feel very strongly about the humane treatment of all animals. When our donors support the Decatur & Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation, they are depending on us to help fulfill their wishes for compassionate and quality care of the homeless, abandoned, and abused animals in our area. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe in compassion for all living things.

Dogs Left Outside

People who own dogs that live outside should have an insulated doghouse with straw. If possible, they should also have a heat lamp to provide extra warmth. The water bowl should have a warmer to keep water from freezing and if the temperature drops below 30 degrees, dogs should be brought inside.

While there are breeds that can withstand colder temperatures, make sure to do research and speak with your veterinarian and local animal control about the proper ways to keep your pet safe during colder months. (Please refer to the chart below to see how low temperatures can affect your pup.)

Please report any animal abuse or neglect to the Macon County Animal Control & Care Center. 217-425-4508


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