Shelter Statistics

A Summary of Shelter Intakes, Adoptions, and Lost Pets Reunited With Their Owners

March 2024

Shelter Intakes 191: Cats 73, Dogs 114, Wildlife/Other 4

Adoptions 103: Cats 56, Dogs 47

Returned to Owner: 31

February 2024

Shelter Intakes 203: Cats 74, Dogs 119, Wildlife/Other 10

Adoptions 109: Cats 62, Dogs 44, Other 3

Returned to Owner: 27

January 2024

Shelter Intakes 199: Cats 76, Dogs 108, Wildlife/Other 15

Adoptions 112: Cats 60, Dogs 50, Other 2

Returned to Owner: 25

2023 Year in Review

Shelter Intakes 3,454: Cats 1,658, Dogs 1,499, Wildlife/Other 297

Adoptions 1,645: Cats 921, Dogs 687, Other 37

Returned to Owner: 404

We worked with many wonderful rescues to help find placement for animals in 2022. We want to thank everyone for the continued support and partnership.

Some highlights of how the generous donations to the Decatur & Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation provided assistance:

Adoption Fee Assistance of over $45,000

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program more than $9900

Trap/Neuter/Release more than $1700

Shelter Medical Expense of more than $11,000 which includes feline Leukemia test kits, canine heartworm testing and treatment

2022 Year in Review

Shelter Intakes 3,553: Cats 1,818, Dogs 1,447, Wildlife/Other 288

Adoptions 1,479: Cats 932, Dogs 540, Other 7

Home for the Holidays Foster: 95

Returned to Owner: 471

We strive to help increase pet adoptions to improve shelter outcomes, as well as help provide low cost spay or neuter certificates to help control the pet population. Fostering helps save lives, and can also improve the chances of an animal achieving a permanent adoption. Click the links below to learn more about fostering and adoption.

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