Shelter Statistics

A Summary of Shelter Intakes, Adoptions, and Lost Pets Reunited With Their Owners

January - July 2022

Shelter Intakes 1637: Cats 685, Dogs 772, 180 Wildlife/Other

Adoptions 892: Cats 539, Dogs 347, Other 6

Returned To Owner: 288

August 2022

Shelter Intakes 442: Cats 245, Dogs 148, Wildlife/Other 49

Adoptions 144: Cats 91, Dogs 52, Other 1

Returned To Owner: 50

September 2022

Shelter Intakes 289: Cats 148, Dogs 123, Wildlife/Other 15

Adoptions 153: Cats 111, Dogs 42

Returned to Owner: 49

We strive to help increase pet adoptions to improve shelter outcomes, as well as help provide low cost spay or neuter certificates to help control the pet population. Fostering helps save lives, and can also improve the chances of an animal achieving a permanent adoption. Click the links below to learn more about fostering and adoption.

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