A Happy Ending For Murphy

We adopted our dog from your shelter on November 4 and thought we would send an update. His name at the shelter was Bo Jangles, but we named him Murphy. He is a wonderful dog! He’s very loving, loves to ride in the car, go on walks, and sit very close to us. He follows my husband around everywhere and sleeps at his feet while he is on the computer. The only issue we’ve had with him is that he loves to get in the garbage when we leave. We’ve tried crating him (which he didn’t like so we discontinued that), we bought a very expensive garbage can that we thought he would not be able to get in, but he did, and we tried something called a Thundershirt, which is supposed to help with separation anxiety. None of them worked, so we just try to remember to put the garbage up when we leave. Other than that, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Thank you for helping us find him!
Cindy Wilson