Blackbone Gets A Loving Home


My name is Blackbone (AKA Dandy) and I was living in your shelter for two years before being adopted by my best friend, Izaiah a year ago. My first couple of days in my new home were strange. I hid under furniture and stayed away from my new family as much as I could. Today things are much different for us all. I love to run the house and play with my boys. I also like to ride on people’s shoulders and try to climb anyone who will stand still long enough. I stay in the house most of the time, however, my family built a small fenced in area for me just off of the sunroom so I can explore outside when the weather is nice. My new family loves me and I love being part of a family. I love hanging out with Izaiah the most. He carries me around and lets me lay with him while he plays games. Our favorite game is when he chasing me, then I turn around and chase him. I hope other people adopt pets like me from your shelter. It’s great to have a home and I know I have brought joy to the lives of my new family.