Meet Vixey

Vixey loves to play fetch.

"I don't know where my family went, but I sure hope to have a new one soon!"







Large (40-70 pounds)

  • Vixey came to the shelter 2 months ago
  • Her activity level is very active.


  • Labrador Retriever
  • Mixed Breed

Get to Know Vixey

Vixey is a darling 2-year-old lab mix who was picked up as a stray. Despite being very clean, at a healthy weight, having freshly trimmed nails and looking to have recently given birth, no one came in to claim her. She was moved up to the adoption floor where she is wiggling and wagging her way to new friends daily. Vixey loves spending time outside, letting her nose lead her to adventure and zooming around chasing toys and playing with her visitors. She could use some work on her leash manners and a review in verbal cues, but she is super treat motivated and is a total people pleaser.

Ready to take the next steps with Vixey?

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